Cushy Paws are now part of a community of other market traders/ stall holders/ artisan artists all bought together by Pedddle  

Pedddle, formally known as ‘My Artisan Markets’ was created as a base for everyone to find the perfect market to visit or attend. It is designed to help stall holders find new markets that best suit their products and for the public to either find new markets to visit or to find out who the company was that they had seen at the market. It is so easy to forget where you had seen something that you love when you are faced with so many different products, however peddle has all of that information all in one place.

‘The Founder of Pedddle, Nicki Capewell has been a great help to my business and the market community. She has bought us together as a group, introduced many different makers in the area to one another and encouraged us with our business development such as marketing, SEO’s and social media coverage. Nicki is extremely friendly, very approachable and a great leader in guiding us small makers to  ‘peddle our wares’ in the right direction, helping us to find events and markets that best suit each of our individual products.  The Pedddle community often inspires me on how I can improve my business day to day and helps me to set goals on what I would like to achieve. Nicki has made all of this possible with her focus and innovation with Pedddle. ‘

Grace, Founder of Cushy Paws