Sustainability Statement 

It is extremely important to us here at the Cushy Paws HQ to create a sustainable business that helps protect the environment rather than adding to the current problems that are resulting in climate change. 

The core of our business is recycling, reusing and repurposing fabrics. 

Cushy Paws Pet Portraits using recycled and repurposed fabrics.

Unfortunately, Cushy Paws started as a result of waste being disposed of by a large company; the company would throw away mountains of fabric samples that were no longer on ‘trend’ or in season, and although this was a bad habit, it gave Cushy Paws a starting point for business and allowed it to grow into what it is today.

All our original artwork is created using recycled or repurposed fabrics from all different types of textiles companies; for example, some of our more intricate woven pieces are donated from a textiles silk weaving mill down south, who would collect all of their sampling and have nowhere for them to go; fortunately, a friend was working there at the time and asked if I would like any of the fabrics to re-work into my artwork pieces, and of course I said yes… 10 bin bags later… 

As Cushy Paws has grown, our printed collection has developed. All of our printed textile products are made locally to us within the UK; the offcuts or samples from my own designs have also been sent to me instead of being thrown away so that I can re-use these pieces in my original artwork pieces.

Other ways that Cushy Paws tries to create a sustainable business is by contributing towards the amazing work of ‘Ecologi’ who plant trees that offset our carbon footprint by funding climate positive projects all around the world. Ecologi was recommended to us from another small business on the Instagram community of ‘ Indie Roller’. 

Here’s the link so you can go and check them out to see what they do;

On a daily basis at the Cushy Paws HQ we recycle and re-use any packaging that we can, we try our best to use any eco-friendly packaging and are the in process of changing our cello wrap into something more eco-friendly (this is currently used to protect the fabrics as they are easily damaged).

This is something we are trying to work on and improve as the business evolves and is something that is always at the forefront of our minds when developing new products and ideas. 

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