Cushy Paws have recently sponsored Lilo Star’s online pet show, who raise funds for the Douglas Macmillan Hospice..

Liberty-Skye is the founder of Lilo star’s online pet show and has been raising money for them by hosting a competition on Facebook for lots of pet owners to enter. There are several different categories, and each category has a sponsor, and that is where Cushy Paws come in. Liberty-Skye asked us back in November 2017 if we would like to sponsor a category for the show. We chose to sponsor the “Best Female’ category, which meant we would pay for the winning rosettes for the chosen winners, which also had our company name on. Once all of the sponsors are found and approved, all of the categories are sorted and submitted. Then everyone and anyone can enter into all the different categories. The show runs for a few months and tries to get in as many entries as possible, to raise as much money as possible, each entry is £1.
After the show has ended Liberty-skye has to sort out all of the entries and submit them to the right sponsor. Each sponsor then decides on the winners and runners up and the rosettes are posted out. This year on this show they managed to raise a MASSIVE £2,236.16p!!!!


If you are interested in sponsoring any of the shows, then here is their direct Facebook page!