Floral print for August- Gladiolus

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Floral print birth flower- Larkspur

July is the month of the Larkspur epitomising first love, positivity and dignity.

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Cushy Paws artist Grace Ellena has created a brand new unique and original floral print collection.

My unique floral prints derive from my original textile artwork created using small layers of recycled materials.

Fabric is used to create texture and depth for each flower; therefore, layering a variety of different fabrics will create a 3D effect which is developed into a print collection.

The original artwork for the print is then sewn down to create a finished piece of art which is mounted on to a felt wall hanging. In addition to this collection, commissions are welcome for other floral designs.

For this floral collection I have focused on representing each month of the year with a new floral artwork piece.

Like a birthstone, a flower represents each month of the year, characterising and capturing the personality of those born within it. Therefore, this new floral range will, in essence, symbolise the distinctiveness of the individual.

August is the month of the Gladiolus, epitomising strength, integrity and honor.

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