Pet Portrait Canvas (Large)


Canvas featuring stylised patchwork portraits of artwork/your pets



A pet portrait canvas featuring stylised patchwork portraits of artwork/your pets. Each product is at the discretion of Cushy Paws designer and will be a furnished interpretation of your submitted photograph(s) if a photograph is needed.

The material and colour varies from canvas to canvas, and as such Cushy Paws cannot guarantee a new order will match an existing product without such detail being provided and subject to stock.

Each patchwork portrait will have a variety of different materials and colours, often reflecting the tones of your pet(s) as well as other colours to compliment and brighten the look and feel of the design. The unique style and technique that makes cushy paws stand out.

Each canvas is 60x60cm deep edge (included)

Please email any requirements to

No refunds or exchanges are accepted, as each item is bespoke and handmade individually for each customer.

(3-4 weeks approx lead time).

Please do not forget to add a clear photograph of your pet to the upload below (please also make sure that no ears/ noses/ mouths are missing or that only half of the face is on the photograph).

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us;


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 Please note that Cushy Paws operates under it’s own artistic licence, and the products and designs are at the discretion of the Cushy Paws designers. Cushy Paws designs and product variations are not to be reproduced or redistributed.