Pet Portrait commission canvas (Small)


Canvas featuring stylised patchwork portraits of your pets with pets name.


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Pet Portrait commission canvas (Small)

This product is for an original artwork canvas featuring stylised patchwork portraits of your pets. Each product is at the discretion of Cushy Paws designer and will be a furnished interpretation of your submitted photograph(s).

The material and colour may vary from cushion to cushion, therefore I may not be able to guarantee a new order will match an existing product for the original artwork pieces. A lot of the fabric used are one-off pieces or a small amount is available.

Each individual Cushy Paws Pet portrait is created by layering small pieces of recycled fabrics together. Using a variety of different materials and colours, with the colours often reflecting the tones of your lovely pets.

The colours in each portrait can also be alternated, so that there are a few bright pops of color that compliment the style and design of your portrait, creating the unique style and technique that makes Cushy Paws stand out.


The size of the small canvas is a deep edge 40x40cm canvas (other sizes are available) and will be gift wrapped for you ready for as a gift for you or friends and family.

Each item is bespoke and handmade individually for each customer, therefore there are no refunds or exchanges.

There is a lead time of approx 3-4 weeks, if there is a certain date that you need it for then please let me know when you place the order.

Please do not forget to add a clear photograph of your pet to the upload below (please also make sure that no ears/ noses/ mouths are missing or that only half of the face is on the photograph).

I do require the full payment for your order before I start to make your personalised artwork as it is unique and individual to you, therefore the making process will not begin until the payment is received.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me; cushypaws@gmail.com

If you have more than one pet that you would like on a canvas, here is the link for the product.

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You can also find us at the local markets around Staffordshire and Cheshire. To check out our up-coming markets head over to Pedddle;

Cushy Paws


 Please note that Cushy Paws operates under it’s own artistic license.  The products and designs are at the discretion of the Cushy Paws designers. Cushy Paws designs and product variations are not to be reproduced or redistributed.


You can also check out some of our latest commissions over on our facebook page:


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