My Story

My Story….

My Story

Hi, I’m Grace, I’m an artist who specialises in textiles, creating Pet portrait commissions and animal artwork pieces using fabric remnants. All of my original work is created initially using recycled and repurposed fabric layered together and sewn down to create each piece of artwork.

I have always loved to create with a ‘hands on’ approach, rather than sitting at a computer, and I have always loved making and creating ever since I was young. My college tutor once told me when I left that I would specialise in Weave at University, for the simple fact that it was a hands of physical creation of artwork, rather than a digital representation, and I did (not because she told me to) but because it felt like a natural progression and the right direction for me, however I never thought I would be running my own business doing what I do.

Throughout my education I have always studied creative subjects whether it was art , textiles, ceramics or 3D design, and in 2016 I graduated  from Loughborough University in Textiles & Innovation Design with a First Class honours degree, something I never thought I was capable of but I did it and it was the best feeling knowing how hard I had worked for it.

After my final degree show at University, I was selected to exhibit at New Designers in London and I won The New Designers award for Colour & Innovation by Romo. I then took a placement opportunity at Romo for six months, before I ‘officially’ started Cushy Paws as a business.

Although my time at Romo was an amazing experience and a great company to work for, I was still so passionate about having my own business. So I decided to go self -employed and start Cushy Paws full time, and I love every single minute of it, being my own create boss is the best decision I ever made.