Schnauzer A4 Print – Pink


Dog Breed Print

Dog Breed Print collection- a variety of different dog breeds designed in a quirky style using layers of fabric on a bright, modern and vibrant background.


Schnauzer A4 Print – Pink

Our Cushy Paws Dog Breed print collection is now available to purchase!

They are perfect for any occasion, for a birthday, new home, thank you cards, new puppy, Dog birthdays, the list can go.

The breed collection is a mixture of bright and vibrant colours and breeds.

If there any breeds you would like to see in the next collection, then please send me a message.

Our prints are designed using a print of some of our Cushy Paws original artwork pieces.

(This comment box is NOT for personalised cards) we only have the designed displayed available to buy.

Cushy Paws artist Grace Ellena has created a unique and original Dog Breed print collection.

My unique dog breed prints derive from my original textile artwork created using small layers of recycled materials.

Fabric is used to create texture and depth for each dog portrait; therefore, layering a variety of different fabrics will create a 3D effect which is developed into a print collection.

The original artwork for the print is sewn down to create a finished piece of art. In addition to this collection, commissions are welcome for other original dog breeds designs.

Please feel free to check out all of the other Dog Breed cards on our website:

In addition to the above product, we have a matching floral print to accompany each floral card. Furthermore, we have a floral wall hanging that you can check out on our Facebook page:

You can also shop a wider range of products by visiting us at one of our local events. Please visit Pedddle for further information of all of our events held throughout the year:

Thank you for shopping with Cushy Paws.

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